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Delacruz capital murder trial continues into its 4th day

San Angelo, TX - On Thursday morning, testimony in the Isidro Delacruz capital murder trial continued with a former San Angelo Police officer and former crime scene technician taking the stand. Both were at the scene the morning of September 2nd, 2014 when Naiya Villegas was found with a cut to her throat at the 2700 block of Houston Street.

Day 4:

Former San Angelo Police Officer Eric Hasty continued testimony from Wednesday evening.

Hasty was one of the first police officers at the scene and transported Isidro Delacruz from the 2700 block of Houston Street in September of 2014 where 5 year old, Naiya Villegas, was killed.

Delacruz has since been charged with capital murder for that crime.

On Thursday, the state played a video of Delacruz being placed into then-officer Hasty's patrol car.

In the video you could hear screaming and crying as the situation escalated that morning. Delacruz in

particular can be heard saying that he was trying to help Naiya Villegas and was repeatedly asking police

officers about her condition.

The videos played in court consisted of when Hasty arrived at the residence, helping officers place Delacruz into the patrol car.

Videos also showed police placing Delacruz in the patrol car as well as a clip of Delacruz seated in the backseat of the car.

Police had testified previously when they arrived on the scene that Delacruz was located in the house applying pressure to Villegas' neck to stop the bleeding from her eventually fatal knife wound.

Hasty had testified on Thursday that Delacruz had a 2 inch cut on the back of his arm the morning of the incident, which was "not actively bleeding."

A former crime scene tech with San Angelo Police also took the stand on Thursday.

While testifying the state introduced the blood-stained comforter and other pieces of bedding as physical evidence for jurors to see.

Lab technicians with the Texas DPS are scheduled to testify on Friday morning.

Other Notes: Samantha Schwartz, a crime scene tech the morning of the incident with SAPD, described arriving at the scene and the appearance of blood in a number of areas of the household. Schwartz brought about 20 pieces of items as physical evidence in court on Thursday afternoon, with about half being shown as physical evidence to jurors. Schwartz revealed she had sent/delivered evidence to a facility in Lubbock on about 3 separate occasions.

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