(KSAN/KLST)– Working parents are having a tough time finding daycare services for their children. Eina Edison worked as an educator before her son, Shane, was born.

“I wasn’t able to keep working due to the daycares in San Angelo not having space in their facilities and they don’t take kids younger than a year to 18 months,” Edison said.

She’s not alone. There are many other mothers in her neighborhood who have experienced the same situation.

“Our community has lots of stay at home moms that had to sacrifice their own careers to stay home with their kids because of the lack of childcare facilities and the in home daycare centers are just very slim to none,” Edison said.

Valerie Soto with Early Red Wine Child Care Center said that’s because there aren’t enough daycare staff members to take care of the kids.

“We are coming to a point where we have to shut down classrooms because we don’t have the staff to meet the Texas licensing regulations to meet the teacher, child ratio,” Soto said.

Right now, Early Red Wine Child Care Center has had to close three classrooms because of the staff shortage. Some daycares in the Concho Valley don’t have space until this summer, while others won’t have an open slot until summer 2023.

“With the pandemic and everybody getting sick, you have to quarantine for a certain amout of days, it’s preventing us from getting teachers in there,” Soto said.

So whether your baby is one year old or you’re still expecting, daycare teachers recommend you go ahead and put them on a waiting list.

“We are at our capacity with the current classrooms we do have, we can’t open any classrooms because we don’t have the staff with this pandemic,” Soto said.

The Early Red Wine Child Care Center is looking for childcare workers to fill in those empty positions. If you are interested, call 325-777-0035