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Dating in the Digital Age

Since the digital age began more and more people are dating online

SAN ANGELO, TX - Dating online has become more widely known.

Licensed Counselor, West Texas Counseling and Guidance, Ben Hubert, says, "the internet has created the possibility to become the most connected disconnected people the world has ever known."

We went from chatting with people in public areas to putting your face onto a profile.

"It's made contact easier to do, but it's more superficial," says Hubert.

It all began back in 1995 with Match.com, An online dating website making it easier to, well, match With people, and as Hubert says, present yourself in the best light.

"It can create a false sense of intimacy to say you know, I can see myself with this person. You don't really know this person really," says Hubert.

As millennials are the most well known age group to partake in the Digital Age, we had to ask them what they think.

ASU Student, J.D. Trevino, says, "guys just go up to girls like 'hey whats your Snapchat, hey give me your Snapchat.' Well I mean, 'what's my name, my number,' saying 'hello'?"

This student says a simple "hello" would suffice, but later on I had asked him what he would do if he saw a girl online.

"If I see her on Snapchat or Instagram whatever, I'll say 'hey you're really cute,'" says Trevino.

An instinctual response that seems to be popular amongst students with phone apps.

ASU Student, Sonja Gonzalez, says, "I know a lot of my friends use tinder. Also, they meet on instagram."

It is not just finding a significant other that people are yearning for. It's re-routing how we can connect to an inner circle.

"If the only way we can really we can communicate and relate is through technology, and our focus is on some type of a screen, and we have a face next to us, but we are never paying attention to them," says Hubert.

Since we have become so connected to signing on. We have signed off to the world around us.

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