Dan Crenshaw attends West Texas Legislative Summit, speaks on Energy Management panel

Local News

SAN ANGELO, Texas – The 17th Annual West Texas Legislative Summit was held at Angelo State University on August 4, 2021.

Dan Crenshaw, Congressman for Texas District 2, was in attendance and spoke alongside many other elected officials on the panel addressing energy management, consumption, and change.

Below is raw video of one of the responses he gave during the conversation which was moderated by Representative Drew Darby, District 72.

In another raw video clip from the summit, seen below, Crenshaw speaks about how he believes oil and gas industry leaders should focus on marketing their companies, their products, and their capabilities.

Crenshaw encouraged leaders to hire digital savvy content creators who could use photos, graphics, and videos to reach a larger audience and educate consumers. He stated that an ongoing issue regarding tension between the oil and gas industry and the general public is lack of knowledge about the industry.

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