CVWVA is making a mark in the Concho Valley


“One of the struggles and one of the challenges of starting a women veterans association is getting women to outreach — to say ‘Hey I’m interested, hey I want to be a part of your team’,” Megan Regan, Co-Founder, says.

The Concho Valley Women Veterans Association (CVWVA) began their chartering process back in February in efforts to help women veterans after separating from the service.

“I have issues of my own. I want to help these women fight for care. I’ve had struggles, I can finally make a difference — I can help other women that don’t have a voice,” Regan says.

Before the CVWVA come into existence, there wasn’t an organization that focused mainly on female veterans in the Concho Valley.

“That’s the whole point of this group is for us to get recognized as veterans in our community,” Regan says.

Megan Regan went on to say that the Concho Valley is the perfect community for this organization.

“We have a local military base. We have a lot of retired military in this town,” Regan says.

The organization hosts monthly meetings to review veterans benefits and discuss upcoming events.

“We pair up with community non-veteran organizations as well, and that’s the difference in our organization compared to others. We are going our there and being involved in certain community projects that have no military affiliation whatsoever,” Regan says.

The organization is hosting a Roller Derby fundraiser on July 21st at the coliseum with the proceeds going to the Vietnam Veterans of America.

“Even though they’re not asking for anything, we’re wanting to do a fundraiser to support our Vietnam Veterans that are letting us use their electricity, Laura Serrano, the founder and executive director, says.

The VVA has been allowing the women to host their meetings in their building as they go through the process of becoming established.

“They’re very respectful and kind and by doing that we just want to show our appreciation in return,” Serrano says.

Regan says these events will hopefully reach other women veterans in the community, the way it reached her.

“And that goes into us as women building our bonds, helping other veterans, and the more other veterans see us out in the public that might again be their third time seeing us going ‘you know what, I need to get help, I need to ask somebody for some services’,” Regan says.

Concho Valley Women Veterans Association
119 N Chadbourne St.
San Angelo, Texas

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