SAN ANGELO, Texas — Concho Valley PAWS warned that animal euthanizations may resume if the shelter’s population is not reduced soon.

The San Angelo Animal Shelter has reached critical capacity with 304 dogs on the grounds according to a post from the City of San Angelo on May 17, 2022. San Angelo has remained a no-kill community since 2015 after saving 90% of its animals during the fiscal year. This may soon be changing.

Concho Valley PAWS also released a statement on their Facebook page on May 17, 2022, to further explain what it means to be at critical capacity.

“It means, without major intervention,” says CV PAWS in the post, “dogs and cats will be killed simply to make room for new arrivals.”

According to this post, canine intake is up 25% from this time last year and in order to keep up with the demand they have been hosting several free events but it is not enough, “We are so grateful to those who showed up to adopt, but it seems as soon as we find a home for one pet, two others take their place.”

Concho Valley PAWS is asking that our community take a stand, “The animal population crisis is a problem created by our community. It is also a problem in which our community IS the solution.”

So what can you do to help? A great way to start is by offering your time to volunteer as well as sharing adoptable pets across social media platforms. If you may not have the ability or the space to adopt it is asked that you consider fostering.

“Fostering is a truly fulfilling venture and doesn’t cost the volunteer anything,” said CV PAWS, “Concho Valley PAWS provides veterinary care for the pet, food, crate, toys, bed, potty pads, treats – whatever the pet needs. You simply open your heart and home to a homeless pet until we can find their new family.”

Concho Valley PAWS went on to say that without fostering good pets die with the average age being only 2 years old.

Other way you can get involved is to make sure all your pets are fixed. Concho Valley PAWS offers a low-cost spay and neuter program. If you have an accidental litter, look into their Mommy and Me Program in order to ensure the puppies are responsibly placed and sterilized, stopping the cycle. It is asked if you are currently breeding animals to please stop, “The shelter is full of amazing large breed dogs. Our community doesn’t have room for more. Every day, the staff and volunteers at PAWS and the shelter show up for these animals.”

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