CROCKETT COUNTY, Texas – Crockett County Fire and EMS is currently looking to hire several local Emergency Medical Responders that has a passion for helping their community.

Crockett County EMRS needs to have availability to help with the EMS schedule and help with duties such as on-scene patient assessment and care, driving the ambulance, lifting and moving patients, ambulance maintenance, and inventory.

Those who are selected to be EMRs for Crockett County will be paid $70 to $140 per ambulance run and set their own schedule. On-call time is volunteer as well.

According to a post shared via social media by Crockett County Fire and EMS, EMR classes start July 18th at $250 per student. Registration will be open until July 10th.

Classes will be held at the Crockett County EMS building every Monday night from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. starting July 18th through August 29th. This course is 60 hours.

Upon completion of the course and state certification, which are required for employment, those looking at applying will be able to do so.

Employment is not guaranteed. Crockett County Fire and EMS says the application and county hiring process still apply.

To register for this course call (325)234-5285 or visit the NWCT EMS Resources website.