SAN ANGELO, Texas – Two people were arrested on September 6th for cruelty to a non-livestock animal and booked into the Tom Green County Detention Center after a search warrant was issued to the resident’s house after San Angelo police officers responded to a three-month-old that had sustained severe head trauma.

Both Jaylin Deanda, 19, and Eli Sarsosa, 21, were charged with cruelty to non-livestock animals for failure to provide food, water and a safe place free of cockroach infestation with no bond set as of 11 p.m. September 7th.

According to records filed by the San Angelo Police Department, officers responded to Shannon Medical Center on August 17th regarding a three-month-old that had severe head trauma. A warrant was then issued to the house of Deanda and Sarsosa.

During the search of the house of Deanda, Sarsosa and three children, officers cleared the inside of the house before entering to investigate and advised the house was infested with cockroaches.

Officers investigating the house shared in records that every room, closet and box in the house looked to be infested with cockroaches.

Records say that once officers entered the house, they found a small, brown male dog named was named “Dusty” according to Samuel Jeter, a person at the residence. Officers believed that the dog was between eight and 10 weeks old at the time.

Mugshot of Eli Sarsosa on September 6th

Police records show the dog had ribs showing and did not seem to be fed. As officers continued searching, no dog food or bowls for food and water were found in the residence. Officers investigating the scene also noticed very little dog feces on the floor despite a portion of the house being divided by a baby gate. According to reports, what appeared to be human feces, in copious amounts, were on the floor and smeared along the wall with small handprints. Because of the small amount of dog feces compared to what is believed to be human feces, officers believed that the dog was eating its own feces to gain nutrition

Upon further examination of the dog by the San Angelo Police Department, the dog attempted to pull some sort of sticky goo off of the floor in order to eat it and also had half a tail of fur, either from cockroaches eating it or the dog trying to eat its own fur.

Officers asked the one resident at the scene if there was any dog food for the animal. Jeter told officers that the family fed the dog scraps such as pizza or hot dogs. Jeter also shared with officers that he believed Deanda and Sarsosa had the dog for approximately two weeks.

Police investigating also noticed the lack of urine on the floor in the residence and how the dog had not attempted to urinate during the search. Officers then provided the dog with water and crackers outside. After receiving the water, the dog then urinated.

According to the Tom Green County Sheriff inmate log at 11:30 a.m. on September 7th, both Deanda and Sarsosa remain in custody with no bond set.