Starbase Goodfellow is a program at Goodfellow Air Force Base funded by the Department of Defense. The program is one of 66 of its kind in the nation and only 4 in Texas. This week area students are attending one of their summer camps, designed to keep children excited about STEM (science, technology, engineering and math).

This week, 24 children grades 4th through 7th are attending Starbase Goodfellow’s Engineering Camp.

“This week our camp is engineering. Our kids focused on the engineering design process. They do fun chemistry and technology activities as well,” said Tiffany Ellwanger, Office Manager at Starbase Goodfellow.

The camp is one of three summer camps — designed to keep children excited about STEM.

When asked if he liked math and science, one of the students attending the camp, Casen Dorsett, said, “I love it!”

“STEM camps are important in the summer because if students don’t engage their mind within those 3 months they can regress. It’s a great opportunity to keep kids involved academically and learn new STEM fields,” explained Ellwanger.

Over the course of 4 days, students will be completing various activities that will allow them to explore the intricate world of engineering.

“We sketched brass, made crystallized stuff and have also played with electronics,” recalled Dorsett.

Students will even build and launch their own rockets.

In addition to STEM, the Starbase Goodfellow summer camps teach students other valuable life lessons.

“Most of our activities are in groups of 4 or partners so they learn how to work together to accomplish goals,” added Ellwanger.