SAN ANGELO, Texas – The San Angelo’s Concho Valley Community Action Agency helps people who need homes and now has a program to help homeowners with mortgages.

The funding is to help people who are behind on mortgage payments to lenders — and can ultimately help with up to six months of payments. The mortgage assistance program is strictly for homeowners struggling with payments to help avoid foreclosure.

Sidney Timmer, Outreach and Development Specialist at CVCAA says, “So it is six months of payments. Five of those can be maybe overdue payments that you haven’t gotten to. One of them has to be moving forward so that could be as much as five payments back and one forward. Overall we’re estimating it takes about a whole month to get through the process and get payments done. We’ve had a lot of people ask, do I keep paying my mortgage if I can, and we always recommend yes, that just means that we’ll get to assist you longer.”

Homeowners can get more information about applying for mortgage assistance on the concho valley community action agency’s website at .