Correction: An earlier version of this article contained an incorrect spelling for Lake View. The error has been corrected.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Members of the community gathered on the night of September 22, 2022, to pray over the students and campus of Lake View High School.

A Concho Vally Homepage reporter talked to some of these community members who said they were called to pray for peace and protection over the students, family, administration, and teachers.

(Left to Right) Sheena Davis, Keirdan Sherman, Crystal Davis, Jessica Bahamonde, Makenna Dykstra

This group walked around the Lake View campus praying and said they especially wanted to pray over Building E after hearing from other community members that the threats towards the school had started there.

Outreach Pastor of Life Church, Sheena Davis said, “Whatever the enemies at work there we know that the lord is bigger and stronger and more powerful so we are just going to go and claim that back for the community.”

Jessica Bahamonde, one of the Coordinators of Life Church said her initial reaction to the news regarding a potential threat to a school she had previously attended was heartbreaking, she continued by saying, “It’s hard to understand why it’s happening until it happens, and once it happens you’re just heartbroken.”

Lake View High School student Keirdan Sherman was a part of the evacuation that occurred on September 22.

“I didn’t know if the shooter had been caught or if there was an actual shooter…teachers were going door to door escorting students out,” said Sherman

Makenna Dykstra and Bahamonde added that often times incidents such as the one that occurred at Lake View High School are done through the need or want of attention and Dykstra said, “We just want them to know that we see them but not because of what they did, we see them because the lord sees them and he loves them and we love them too and we forgive them.”