SAN ANGELO, Texas — The Concho Valley Community Action Agency recently was awarded a grant to help veterans in need of assistance with relation to housing. The agency’s Executive Director Mike Burnett says the flexibility of the grant will allow them to maximize help given to veterans.

Burnett says ” What’s nice about it is it has fewer restrictions than some of the other programs that we run. We have a veteran, for instance, that we can offer utility assistance for our utility program then we will do that with our utility program with them and then use this money for maybe things that aren’t covered under the utility program.”

The grant came in partnership with West Texas Counseling and Guidance and both agencies work together on a day-to-day basis to provide people with as much help as possible.

Burnett says when people come in, they are usually only worried about one specific need, but the needs assessment process that each applicant goes through, it allows the Action Agency to qualify other needs they may have. He says they always try to get someone closer to self-sustainability. He says, “Our goal was to move people from point A when they enter to the point closer to self-sustainability and we do a pretty good job of moving people along that timeline.”