SAN ANGELO, Tx (KLST/KSAN) — Intersection closures are scheduled for Thursday and Friday as road construction work continues on College Hills.

“Anyone that’s driven down college hills knows just how bad the ride quality was on that road,” Patrick Frerich, City of San Angelo Operations Manager, said.

That’s why the city is working to alleviate the issue.

“So we are still going through the utility portion of college hills,” Frerich said. “Getting those utility, sewer, and water lines replaced.”

The intersection of College Hills and Standford Drive will be closed for that road work.

“So it shouldn’t last but a few days at a time as we move through those blocks,” Frerich said. “We have been working really closely with the contractor to ensure that we are only closing down the necessary areas at a single time.”

Drivers can use Oxford or SAC as detours on Thursday. Then on Friday, August 26th, the intersection of College Hills and SAC will be closed. Drivers can detour using Oxford and A&M.

Frerich said once crews are done with this portion of the road, they will move down to the Arroyo side of College Hills by mid-September.

“We’re moving ahead, we are moving along really good,” Frerich. “A little bit ahead of schedule right now, but as we go into those next phases, that work will slow down a bit just due to the type of construction that we are going to be doing down there at the Arroyo.”

Frerich said the reconstruction of College Hills has been at the top of the city’s agenda for quite some time now.

“It’s time to get that road up to a condition that everyone can drive on it,” Frerich said. “Everyone can drive smoothly and they can drive on it during rain events as well.”

Road closures on College Hills will begin on Thursday at 8:00 am.