SAN ANGELO, Texas – The City of San Angelo shared that the animal shelter had been deep cleaned by facility staff in order to prepare for the roach pesticide treatment that began Thursday evening.

The city says the building must remain empty for 48 hours before anyone can return. Following the 48 hours, facility staff will have to clean the facility again before officially moving back in.

During this time, the City of San Angelo reported 120 are isolated in a part of the animal service facility that has no signs of roaches. These dogs are safe in their location during the treatment because it is sealed away from treat areas according to the release. Sixty dogs are in temporary housing facilities and 62 others are in short-term foster homes.

The City of San Angelo also shared an apology for a recent Facebook post regarding the shelter capacity.

“This post was intended to give insight into the current capacity of the shelter and to thank the community for their help during this emergency,” said the City of San Angelo. “We apologize if the post was misconstrued as saying all the animals have been permanently relocated; this was not the intent of the post. The City is extremely appreciative of all of the people and organizations that have stepped up in this time of need to help with temporary fosters and relocations of animals.”

The animal shelter will continue to be treated for pests moving forward to ensure that the current roach problem does not resurface.

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