City Engineers Seek Direction on Sewage Project in Santa Rita Neighborhood at City Council

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City council members will discuss the close to 4 million dollar sulphur draw waste-water improvement project at their meeting Tuesday morning.

“There were three proposed sites and this is the one that the city has chosen. This gateway into the Santa Rita park system; and just the crown jewels, one of the crown jewels many of San Angelo, Texas,” said Joy Thomas, a Santa Rita Resident.

The city contracted Darnell Construction for 3.9 million dollars to install a lift station site beginning next month at the entrance to Santa Rita park.

During a public forum a month after the company was contracted to do the work a number of residents expressed opposition to the sewer station’s location.

“We hope that everyone will be consider looking at this site whether you live in Santa Rita or not. It’s going to be an eyesore. As you can tell it it so close to the house to my left. And we’re also–it’s just right on the curb as you enter through to the Santa Rita Area, Sulphur Springs for sure,” said Thomas.

KSAN also received this statement public information officer, Anthony Wilson: “Our Engineering staff is prepared to offer to the City Council its recommendation for accomplishing the sewer improvements most efficiently, along with viable alternatives. As with all issues of importance and impact, we stand ready to carry out the Council’s wishes. “

Joy Thomas tells us that she does feel the project is necessary and is looking forward to working with the city on finding a solution.

City engineers will be seeking direction from council Tuesday morning at 8:30 at the McNease Convention Center on how to proceed with the sewage project.

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