SAN ANGELO, Texas (Concho Valley Homepage) — Several homeowners had voiced concerns regarding the pending decision on whether to abandon portions of Cox Lane. During the City Council meeting on February 21, 2023, the city council reached a final decision.

The purpose of the abandonment of Cox Lane is to allow for the repositioning and redevelopment of the right-of-way to address the disparity between Cox Lane and Foster Road and for the development of the 30+ acres to the south. Additionally, the abandonment was proposed to also address drainage in that area and eliminate a dangerous corner.

According to the planning commissions analysis, staff does not believe that traffic patterns would be negatively affected by the street abandonment. It was clarified during the meeting that all connecting roads would be open and operational before the abandonment of Cox Lane.

“I think what has come up before is that some of the comments and challenges from neighbors couldn’t be addressed because we hadn’t seen what a potential development might look like, ” said Mayor Brenda Gunter. Gunter continued by saying that the approval of Cox Lane wouldn’t mean ignoring issues or challenges presented by the community.

Karen Hess brought forth concerns about poor drainage to the west and north of the area and a representative for the abandonment of Cox Lane said, “It does matter, we are hoping that by cutting these streets through, maybe we can take some of that water and pull it on to our side, and store it in our detention pond.”

During public comment, homeowners maintained concerns regarding drainage in the area and increased traffic.

“We talked about that curve to Cox Road – this plan continues to have traffic pass at a curve the only difference is that now instead of there being a barricade at that curve there is a home, ” said one homeowner.

Another homeowner told City Council that SAISD, SAFD, SAPD and emergency response vehicles use Cox Lane every day.

The motion passed six to one with Karen Hess voting against the motion.