SAN ANGELO, Texas – During a San Angelo City Council Meeting on Tuesday, August 16th a special election for November 8th regarding making San Angelo a Sanctuary City for the Unborn was passed 7-0.

City Clerk Julia Antilley spoke to Mayor Brenda Gunter and City Council saying an initiating committee came forward in November of 2021. “We had an initiating committee that came forward and requested the petition paperwork, obtained all of their signatures to put something on the ballot, and have council hear the proposed ordinance,” Antilley said.

In February of 2022, the committee received sufficient signatures, which was a minimum of 1,512 after the council did not approve the ordinance written. These signatures prompted City Council to move forward with the next steps in order for the charter to get onto a ballot.

“Calling this election is just the next step,” Antilley told the council. “We are required to do it by charter.”

In the San Angelo City Council Meeting that took place on August 16th, Mayor Gunter and the City Council approved a special election to be held on November 8th regarding San Angelo becoming a Sanctuary City for the Unborn.

Early voting will be October 24th through November 4th in several locations across San Angelo.

“Because of a change to the State Legislature, we are required now to have some alternative polling places,” shared Antilley. “So for the first time ever you won’t just be early voting at the Keyes building, there will be other branches.”

According to Antilley early voting will now be conducted at the Concho Valley Transit Depot, Westlake Hardware, MHMR, and the Riverside Golf Course. Early Voting will still be held at the Edd B. Keyes building. On election day voters will not be able to vote at the Edd B. Keyes building.