SAN ANGELO, Texas — During the City Council meeting on January 17, 2023, the council discussed and approved private funding to move forward with two splash pad projects at city parks.

The splash pads were proposed to be built at Kirby Community Park and Unidad/College Hills Park. The expected time frame they would be open is from the beginning of March through September or October, depending on the weather.

The proposed location of the splash pad at Kirby Community Park is in front of the pavilion replacing an area that currently hosts horseshoe toss. This location was chosen because of amenities such as restrooms, parking, the pavilion, the park, proximity to the Concho River and eventual connection to the 29th Street Sports Complex, which is currently under construction. The estimated cost of this splash pad is $334,857.38.

The Unidad/College Hills splash pad location was chosen for the ease of accessible electricity, parking and restrooms and the nearby park and pavilion. Unidad/College Hills will be the smaller of the two splash pads. The estimated cost of this splash pad is $233,587.38.

Costs for both sites:

  • Plans: $60,000
  • Permits: $2,000
  • Housing for equipment: $50,000
  • Utility runs (water/electricity): $20,000
  • Shaded sitting areas:$50,000
  • Connected walkways: $15,000
  • Signs: $6,000
  • Irrigation adjustments/sodding: $5,000
  • Contingency: $50,000
  • Both site sub-total: $258,000
  • Total estimate: $848,44.76

The water used for these splash pads will be recirculated within the system back into a holding tank and not into the sewer system, where it will be sand and UV filtered before going back out onto the splash pad.

Operation Maintenance Costs

According to Recreation Manager Brent Casey, a lot will need to be done to maintain the splash pads such as conducting daily inspections prior to opening and ensuring all disinfectant and recirculation systems and filters are operating correctly.

Other operations include removing biofilm as needed, testing chlorine and pH levels every two to four hours, checking drainage, cleaning holding tanks, and documentation of operation and management activities.

Estimated Annual Maintenance costs:

  • Full-time Technician: $40,000
  • Full-time Technician benefits: $18,000
  • Water: $7,500
  • Electricity: $3,100
  • Chemicals: $9,000
  • Minor tools and equipment: $2,500
  • Professional services: $4,000
  • Outsourced Maintenance: $2,500
  • Operations Costs: $28,600
  • Total Estimate: $87,576

All-Tex estimates the projects should be finished by 2024 and will open up donations from the community to begin the project soon. The initial proposal from All-Tex Irrigation and Supply committed $200,000. The resolution does not commit the city to provide funds for the development of the parks but commits the city to maintain them after construction.

Donations can be made here.