SAN ANGELO, Texas — The City Council has approved $254,000 to go towards the plans to improve 6 intersections in San Angelo with the addition of traffic signals.

This was approved in conjunction with the Highway Safety Improvement Grant (HISP) from TxDot totaling $2,313,812 in construction expenses. These intersections were chosen for the project based on their lack of safety components and the number of preventable accidents at each respective location.

The intersections are:

  • Sunset and Southwest
  • Sherwood and Arden
  • FM 388 and Chadbourne
  • US 87 and W 29th St
  • US 87 and Knickerbocker
  • US 87 and 19th St

The approval of this grant allows the development of signal design plans for the six intersections. The plans will incorporate features and improvements to enhance the safety of the respective intersections for
both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.