SAN ANGELO, Texas – During a San Angelo City Council meeting on Tuesday, August 16th, a new $253,500 boiler for Foster Communications Coliseum and Spur Arena was approved in a 7-0 vote.

Sidney Walker, a Civic Events Manager, spoke to Mayor Brenda Gunter and the city council on the need for a new shared boiler for the Coliseum and Spur Arena after one of them went down in February with water in the tubes.

“The Coliseum and Spur Arena do share two boiler units, since 1999,” Walker explained. “We cannot operate both the Coliseum and Spur Arena without having the boiler units operable.”

Walker continued on by saying walk-throughs and bids were conducted on the boilers on July 13th and finished on July 21st. From these walk-throughs, two proposals were made by Advanced Service Group and West Techs Chill Water Specialist. Advanced Service Group was selected to replace both boiler units costing $253,500.

Questions regarding the availability of the company placing these boilers, if a new system would need to be installed and if the boilers could handle any expansion to Foster Communications Coliseum also rose during the meeting.

After hearing City Council District 2 member Tom Thompson’s concern regarding the availability of Advanced Service Group come rodeo season or any other event, Walker shared with the council that the vendor is indeed a local vendor and would be able to assess situations it is needed.

Ron Lewis the Facilities Maintenance Manager also shared with Thomspon and the council that the boiler units will remain on the same system that is currently in place and will be able to adapt to any changes at the Coliseum.

“The piping is in the building…so you’re going to have to add additional piping to get to additional air units if you’re going to put like private spaces,” Lewis said. “The capacity for the boilers is plenty… that’s always adaptable.”

Walker outlined how long it would take to install both boiler units if the council were to approve the purchase on August 16th with installation being complete in January.

“If council decides to approve this we will start in August with approval and in November the product would arrive,” said Walker. “We are hoping to complete the installation by January.”

The San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo Assocation agreed to reimburse the City of San Angelo for half of the cost, per the lease agreement.

The San Angelo City Council approved the purchase of the new boilers totaling $253,500 in a 7-0 vote.