SAN ANGELO, Texas (Concho Valley Homepage) —San Angelo City Council members approved a remedy for more than 450 residents whose water meters don’t work.

“Currently we don’t have any means to collect on these meters that are going bad within our ordinance,” said Public Works Executive Director, Shane Kelton. “We’re not registering the water going through them and so were losing revenue.”

That revenue loss is about $25,000 a month but City Council approved a motion that would allow the water department to review past water usage averages for customers who have broken meters. That data will determine what amount they would charge those consumers until the broken meters are replaced.

“This amended ordinance would allow us to go back and establish rates based on either the last three active months of usage or if the consumer had an established service long enough, we can go back an entire year or two years,” said Kelton.

Consumers should visit the City Annex Building if they find an issue with their average water rate charge.

“If we start sending stuff out to folks and there is a discrepancy or the homeowner believes that they are not using as much water as we estimated, they most certainly need to come in and visit with our customer service to work through those issues,” added Kelton.

The ordinance amendment will take effect June 20th and the broken meters will be replaced as soon as new parts arrive.