Cirque Italia thrills audiences for third time in San Angelo

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Half capacity shows still sold out amid ongoing pandemic

SAN ANGELO, Texas – Cirque Italia just wrapped up four days of shows after returning to San Angelo for their third time. They return in the midst of the ongoing pandemic, with a new show and a positive outlook. Despite the ongoing pandemic all eight shows sold out. When the pandemic first began, the circus was shut down for six months.

Some staff, went out to get conventional jobs. For many, continuing training and staying in shape was all they had, but the company looked after them. “It was tough,” said performer Hector Pazaran. “At the beginning […] we were starting the year last year, and everything was pretty good and then all of a sudden we had to stop. Then the company gave us a place to stay, they gave us food, they gave us power and everything. All the necessary”

Though the tent can seat 1,000 people, the company was seating at 50% capacity, and masks were required. The ticketing software used was designed to block off seats automatically once someone purchased a specific seat. This year’s show was pirate themed, and circus staff spoke about the importance of bringing joy to their audience.

“It’s fun to be able to share with all these local communities and go into these places,” explained Morgaine Rosenthal, show manager and an aerialist with Cirque Italia. “It’s fun for us, we enjoy being able to spread some joy and happiness, especially during this trying time.”

Next stop for Cirque Italia will be Odessa and Midland, TX. To find out more, click here.

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