Children’s Advocacy Center offers services for families who need help

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San Angelo, TX — The Children’s Advocacy Center of Greater West Texas is known for the services they provide children who have been the victims of child abuse or been in abusive situations. Justin DeLoach, Chief Development Officer emphasizes that they do offer services to families to help ensure children’s needs are met.

“Our family enrichment services is our prevention element of the C.A.C,” says DeLoach, “This is the one area of the C.A.C. That child abuse does not have to be present in order for a child to receive our services or our families to receive our services. Our home visitors go into the homes. They work with the families. They ensure the families have the tools that they need.”

The Children’s Advocacy Center can also assist families with resources outside of what they offer through their regular services.

“We can also partner with all child welfare agencies within our community, and so, if it’s not a service that the C.A.C. Offers we can help that family get the service through another provider. We can also help open doors a little bit faster for those families so they’re not having to restart that process every time that they need a new assistance of some sort.”

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