SAN ANGELO, Texas — Former San Angelo Police Chief Tim Vasquez, 52, has been sentenced to 186 months in prison.

Over two dozen people which included friends, family, and supporters were at the hearing as four character witnesses, his ex-wife, his Father, a Licensed Counselor for the Vasquez family and a family friend spoke on behalf of Vasquez on August 5.

In late March, Vasquez was found guilty on all four charges against him after receiving at least $175,000 from Dailey & Wells and its affiliates.

  • One count of receipt of a bribe by an agent of an organization receiving federal funds
  • Three counts of honest services mail fraud.

The maximum sentence for the charges is 70 years in federal prison. Vasquez will only serve 15.5 years.

On top of the prison sentence, Vasquez is ordered to pay a $35,000 fine and will be on supervised release for one year following his release from prison.