SAN ANGELO, Texas – A San Angelo family has a home full of new furniture thanks to a Miracle on Wellington.

“We saw the commercial and it was like oh that’s a way to get a bed. I was just joking and now I have a bed and furniture,” said the winner, Sherrie Scott.

It’s an almost 30-year tradition as the trend furniture owners donate to a local family in need.

“This is just such an honor every year to be able to reach out and help others,” said Kristie Reed, Co-Owner of Trend Furniture.

A board chooses a winner every year but this year the Scott family wasn’t hard to choose.

“This year because there were several nominations for this one family the judges had it selected in no time at all. They truly had the feeling that this was a family that deserved it,” said Reed.

“I’m so thankful for the people that nominated us. There’s no way to tell them how much I appreciate everything they do,” said Scott.

They received bedroom furniture, a kitchen table, new couches and more! They say they can’t wait to make new memories in their newly furnished home.