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ASU Symphony and Central Orchestra perform together at Murphey Performance Hall

San Angelo, TX - As many as 75 musicians took the stage at the Murphey Performance Hall on Thursday evening.

Many of them a part of the Angelo State Symphony but with students from Central's High School Orchestra also performing.

"I know some of the kids who are playing with us and I know they're excited to see how it'll be to play in a few years," says ASU Sophomore and violinist Faith Bannerman. "And know it's not super hard to be in a college symphony."

Thursday night's rites and celebration concert served to commemorate 4 years of existence for the ASU symphony.

ASU musicians took the time to also learn more about their high school counterparts.

"Just talking to her and seeing how she plays and how each of them just have a love for the instrument that they each play," says Raquel Zamudio--an ASU senior and violinist. "It's just amazing to see because that's the spark of the future."

"Playing with different people and making music shows music is a universal language. We can put people together if they just practice and put it all together," says Dr. Fagner Rocha--ASU's Symphony Director.

"Adding the Central kids in, we're able to show them a different part of the language. String orchestra is one thing, you hear the violins, violas and cellos," says ASU junior Merit Rogge. "But adding a trumpet and the flutes and everything like that it's a whole different ballgame, really."

Meanwhile the Central students--a mix of juniors and seniors--had the opportunity to gain more knowledge about performing in a symphony.

"I know that having someone other than our orchestra director to look up to has helped them tremendously, and we can see that within the past two weeks we've been working with ASU," says Central High School senior Daniel Daughtry. "Seeing everyone grow so much more and so much quicker. It's just been cool to see everything finally come together."

ASU symphony is heading into summer break but say they're looking to do a concert in the near future playing songs featured in movies.

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