SAN ANGELO, Texas – A appointed executive officer position with the Southwestern Psychological Association was recently filled by Angelo State University psychology professor Dr. Drew Curtis.

According to Angelo State, Curtis will serve at the SWPA president’s and Executive council’s direction to carry out the cooperation business and manage and supervise various issues and staff during his appointed three-year term. Some of his duties in this position will include managing organizational documents and bylaws, attending executive council meetings, annual conference organization, selecting conference sites and offering consultation to the president and president’s council. Curtis previously served as president of SWPA.

Portrait of Dr. Drew Curtis at Angelo State University.

“It is a great honor to continue to serve the Southwestern Psychological Association and further contribute to its success as the new executive officer,” Curtis said. “SWPA has impacted so many students and professionals. In fact, it was the very first academic conference I attended. My hope is to continue the legacy of great leaders who have served the SWPA members and kept to the mission of promoting and strengthening psychology’s scientific, professional and educational facets.”

The SWPA serves approximately 1,170 members across nine states: Texas, Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Tennessee.

“This appointment as executive officer is also another opportunity to continue developing relationships for our counseling psychology graduate students,” Curtis said, “and to model the importance of collaboration, consultation and continuing education among mental health practitioners.”

An ASU faculty member since 2013, Curtis is an associate professor in the Department of Psychology, director of ASU’s nationally recognized counseling psychology graduate programs, and president of the Psychological Association of Greater West Texas. He is also the author of two books:

  • “Abnormal Psychology: Myths of ‘Crazy'” (2020)
  • “Foundations of Abnormality: Myths, Misconceptions, and Movies” (2018)

Angelo State shares Curtis has also done more besides publishing his own books.

In addition to his books, Curtis has been published in a wide variety of professional journals, including the International Journal for the Advancement of Counseling, Journal of Relationships Research, North American Journal of Psychology, American Journal of Psychological Research, International Journal of Health Sciences Education, Journal of Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, and others. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Sam Houston State University and his doctorate from Texas Woman’s University.

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