ASU professor publishes book on North Korean proliferation of nuclear weapons

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Dr. Bruce Bechtol teaches Global Security and Political Science at Angelo State University and recently wrote a book.

“This book has taken me longer to write than any book I’ve ever written, but it is probably the best book I’ve ever written,” says Bechtol.

That book is called “North Korean Military Proliferation In The Middle East And Africa: Enabling Violence And Instability.”

“What nobody is talking about or was back in 2014, when I came up with the idea for this project was North Korea’s proliferation of weapons,” says Bechtol.

The book discusses the process of how North Korea sells nuclear weapons to places in the Middle East and Africa. He says it can be summed up to a simple sentence.

“If you see it in North Korea today, you’ll see it in Iran tomorrow,” says Bechtol.

Dr. Bruce Bechtol was granted $104,000 and traveled to 4 different countries, just to do research on this book.

“The research was a lot of fun, but the actual writing has been very difficult, and that’s why in this book I have almost 100 pages of end notes and 40 pages of a bibliography,” says Bechtol.

His book also discusses the importance that proliferation of nuclear weapons has on the U.S., which involves our troops.

“Legitimately, you can make the statement that U.S. troops are fighting troops that are being equipped, at least some of them, by North Korean proliferates.”

Due to President Trump having a summit in North Korea with Kim Jong-Un, Bechtol says he believes they are going nowhere.

“If I was advising the president, I would have told the president, ‘don’t ease up on the pressure, and lesser, until North Korea shows legitimate signs of denuclearizing.'”

He says we need to go after front companies that are supporting money laundering and shut them down.

“There’s no theory in this book, this is flat out a description,” says Bechtol.

If you would like to learn more on the subject, the book is available for purchase or enroll in the online class on global security.

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