ASU ceramics exhibition showcases funerary urns

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Channeling mortality through creative expression

SAN ANGELO, Texas – Angelo State University recently concluded an art exhibition called “You’ve Urned Your Degree,” and featuring a spectrum of funerary urns crafted by students. Art is typically seen as an expression of life, but some ASU students were just included in an exhibition showcasing their designs for funerary urns.

Despite the macabre focus of the projects, many found fascination in the technique and detail of the work, as well as an appreciation for inspiration. “Some of them,” explained ASU Graphics Design Major Kaitlyn Wilson, “the forms that they chose to use were very intricate and complex from some being multiple pieces formed together, and others being, you know, one solid piece just with different angles or, you know, different volumes.”

The ASU Art Department has provided the opportunity for artistic expression and exploration to many, even those not initially looking for it. One student who has graduated with a B.A. in Fine Arts said he initially found his interest piqued by his art history courses.

ASU Art Department staff say the next big project will be the opening of the Mayer Museum, a date for which has not yet been set.

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