As 2019 Spring Break approaches, it’s important to remember safety first when around alcohol

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Spring Break is quickly approaching for many high school and college students across the country.
Even though this week is the perfect time to have fun, it’s important to be safe while doing so, especially when alcohol is involved.

One of the huge dangers that society typically sees during Spring Break week is an increase in underage drinking. Not only is it illegal, many risks come with it.

Binge drinking is also a common concern during the break, especially when one gets behind the wheel after having one too many.

When an intoxicated person decides to take the chance of driving, not only are they endangering their own life, but the lives of others also on the road. Additionally, this can lead to possible consequences such as being pulled over and receiving a DUI or DWI. 

Not only does getting pulled over while under the influence lead to a criminal record, but it can have a damaging impact on the future. Having any form of a criminal record can result in difficulty when trying to land a job.

It’s important to remember that underage drinking is illegal, under any circumstance. For anyone who does choose to drink, be sure to surround yourself with family and friends that can take care of you. 

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