SAN ANGELO, Texas — The City of San Angelo announced that the shelter will be closing intake to the public once the shelter has exceeded 170 dogs to meet the standards of care for the animals on Nov. 2.

In order to meet these standards of care by the Animal Services Division, the City of San Angelo set a maximum capacity of 180 dogs and 120 cats for the shelter. To keep from exceeding this limit, the shelter will be closing public intake when it reaches 170 dogs.

With the 181 dogs currently at the animal shelter, public intake will be closed until the population drops below 170 dogs.

Citizens of San Angelo can help reduce the number of dogs in the shelter in a variety of ways the City of San Angelo shares.

Citizens can participate in the Good Samaritan program by holding the pet they found for a few days while locating the owner. Frontiers in Veterinary Science reports that 70% of lost dogs are found less than one mile from their home. The City shares that it is best to leave these animals in their neighborhood since they are not far from their homes as long as the animal is staying out of traffic.

Citizens are also encouraged to reach out to a local rescue if an animal is found. Contact the Animal Service officer at 325-657-4224 if the animal is a danger to itself or others.