SAN ANGELO, Texas — Concho Valley Paws has sent out an urgent message to the community searching for help in finding temporary fosters for 250 pets before Thursday, September 1, 2022.

According to the City of San Angelo, the animal shelter will be temporarily closing due to an issue with roaches. Brian Groves, a communications manager for the City of San Angelo shared the shelter staff had attempted to treat the issue using pet-friendly products. All 282 dogs and 88 cats that are currently in the shelter need to leave the shelter since pesticides will be used to eliminate the roach issue.

Concho Valley PAWS is working with American Pets Alive and Best Friends rescue network to find rescues to assist in receiving dogs for adoptive placement. PAWS is currently unsure of how many animals they will be able to place as many of their receiving agencies are full. 

PAWS is asking for fosters to reach out and take in a pet for just 10 days after which the shelter will reopen after the issue is resolved and the dog can return to its kennel for local adoption or transport placement.

Fosters of these animals will be provided the tools to care for the pet so the volunteer does not incur an additional expense.  The shelter will provide food, crates, beds, and toys and attend to all veterinary care.  

“If we fail to find a safe haven for these animals, euthanasia will be considered, ” said PAWS, “This would be a devastating outcome for animals and all of us here at PAWS that have worked so hard to promote life-saving programs.  There are beautiful, great dogs at the shelter.  The majority of the population is under a year old.”

For those unable to foster that want to help, please consider donating to PAWS.

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