SAN ANGELO, Texas – The City of San Angelo shared that the San Angelo Animal Services is experiencing a space crisis with 276 dogs on the premises on August 17th.

The City’s Facebook page says that this number has increased due to the stray intake of found dogs.

Concho Valley PAWS shared with a KLST reporter on August 4th that they have seen a 26% increase in animals in 2022 compared to 2021.

“It’s really been devastating because so many of those have been puppies,” Jenie Wilson, Concho Valley Paws Executive Director, said.

Because of the alarming numbers that the shelter is seeing this year, the City of San Angelo and Animal Services is encouraging people to consider caring for a stray dog at their house for 48 hours before taking them to the shelter. This allows the animal to stay in their neighborhood and saves the shelter for the most vulnerable animals.

Animals that have been taken to the shelter as a stray are often posted on the City of San Angelo Facebook page as Claim your Canine with the area the dog was located in. If you are missing your furry friend and do not see them on the post the city reminds people to check the inventory of pets on Petango and register their pet’s picture on Petco’s Love Lost website. This website has facial recognition software that notifies users when a match comes to a participating shelter.

Concho Valley PAWS is also hosting an array of events to help dogs in the shelter get adopted. Previous events included the Blackout and Glow adoption event that featured the shelter’s black dogs and the Puppalooza that featured puppies.

Everyone is invited to check out what animals are in the shelter and being fostered if they are looking for a loving furry friend. All adoptions include spay/neutering, microchips, a collar, leash, ID tag, and more.

All animals that are available for adoption with Concho Valley PAWS can be viewed through the Concho Valley PAWS website. Animals that are currently in foster homes can also be viewed online. Other animals that are in the San Angelo Animal Shelter are on the Petango website.

Although the need for adopters is high, fosters are also needed. Concho Valley PAWS has applications available for fosters if they are eligible:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Have a genuine concern for the welfare of animals, consistent with the no-kill philosophy and values of PAWS.
  • Be a Concho Valley area resident.
  • Have the property owner’s approval if renting
  • Be willing (and commit) to providing love and shelter to a foster pet for the duration of his or her enrollment in the adoption program. The average stay in a foster home is 3-6 weeks, but some dogs and cats do take longer to place.

Other needed qualifications can be found on the foster page of the Concho Valley PAWS website.