SAN ANGELO, Texas — Effective August 16, 2022, citizens who have failed to prove compliance for spaying or neutering their pets have received citations through a newly approved process that allows violations to be issued by mail rather than in person. 

Animal Service Monthly Recap Report for September CC City of San Angelo

Residents who receive this violation are required to appear before the Municipal Court. There they may plead guilty, not guilty, or no contest and are assessed fines and court costs.

This is largely in response to the significant influx of canines under six months of age entering the shelter this year. The City of San Angelo intends to improve upon this by further enforcing spay/neuter compliance. The ordinance states that citizens of San Angelo must spay or neuter their pets that are more than four months of age at their own expense. Certain exceptions can apply, such as the fragile health of the pet or those with breeder’s permits.

It is encouraged that residents take advantage of the low-cost spay/neuter services offered in San Angelo. Head to today to learn more.  

In addition, Concho Valley PAWS will be holding a spay/neuter voucher sale this weekend.

What: Concho Valley PAWS spay and neuter voucher sale
When: 9 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 8
Where: 3134 N. US Hwy 67
Cost: $25 for cats, $50 for dogs
*Cash or check only. Valid for 45 days from issue.

Media point of contact for questions or interviews: 

City of San Angelo Animal Shelter
Morgan Chegwidden, City of San Angelo Animal Services