SAN ANGELO, Texas – Angelo State University will be hosting unique sculptures by a West Texas-based blacksmith beginning Monday, Oct. 10.

Kevin Staford’s exhibit of forged steel and found-object sculptures will be on display in the Carr Education-Fine Arts building’s Gallery 193. This exhibit will be on display for free to the public. It may be viewed Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. through Nov. 4.

“Influenced by tribal art, science fiction notions, and the elusive remnants of dreams, my work explores the familiar while offering sub-rosa glimpses of what could be commonplace in another world,” Stanford said. “My work glorifies the aesthetic of the found; my focus is primarily on steel. I’m more interested in form rather than gleaning some sort of deep meaning from my work. Juxtaposition, shape, texture and hue drive the dialog with my materials.”

Standford is originally from Southern California but is now based in Eldorado. This mostly self-taught artist has traveled for the last few years in order to spend time with both up-and-coming and prominent blacksmiths. During this time traveling, Standford also participated in collaborative sculpture sessions, took hands-on sculpture courses, demonstrated non-traditional steel manipulation for beginning blacksmiths, and visited local smiths. Stanford was also named the San Angelo Art Club’s Artist of the Year for 2019.

“Steel is resilient yet vulnerable,” Stanford said. “We can leave our mark on steel. But over time, our marks can be forgotten, discarded and erased. Found steel can be transformed into new raw material, but it can also be appreciated and elevated in its discovered state. Forging, assemblage, arc welding, rummaging and patination are the processes that dominate my practice.”

More details and samples of Stanford’s work are available on his website at