SAN ANGELO, Texas- Construction is underway for a new police station on campus at Angelo State University.

“The whole building you see behind me is going to be totally gutted and redone so for us it will be the feel of a brand new building,” said ASU police Chief, James Adams.

The Vanderventer plaza off Johnson was bought by ASU in 2020 for about $700,000.

“Looking back on it now, it was a good deal. Maybe at the time, we would have said ‘oh that’s kind of on the higher end of the price points but looking at what property is now, it was a good deal,” said Cody Guins, Executive Director of Facility & Construction Services.

Chief Adams says this move will aid their service to the campus and community.

“I think the biggest benefit will be that we are a lot closer to campus. Right now, if someone needs to walk to the police department they have to cross Avenue N which is a pretty busy street,” said Chief Adams.

The building is a total of 17,000 square feet. 7,000 square feet are reserved for Lily’s Pizza and the Asian Market. That will continue to reside in Vanderventer Plaza.

“They’re great tenants so far and I think they are very popular with the student population and campus community so we’re excited about that,” said Guins.

Another 1,000 square feet will go towards academic support offices and 1,500 more feet for an emergency operations center.

“The freeze in February of 21 we got through but it did come to mind that we probably need an emergency operations center where administrators and first responders can come in and plan a remediation effort.

As long as supply chain issues don’t become a problem, the estimated completion is set for early September.