SAN ANGELO, Texas — A new bell tower will stand near the center of the Angelo State University campus.

Friday, August 12, Texas Tech Board of Regents members and others held a ground-breaking ceremony for the “Housley Tower”. It will be in the center of the campus behind the museum.

The tower, which will be about seven stories tall, will feature an electronic bell system.

“We see it as a mechanism to let the students know what is going on over an hourly basis on the campus,” said Ronnie D. Hawkins Jr., president of the university. “But more importantly it shows the legacy that he leaves this community. The commitment and integrity that he had in his business acumen for what we have here at Angelo State University for our students.”

The Housley tower is funded by the Housley family, in memory of Bob Housley, who founded San Angelo’s Housley Communications.

Construction is scheduled for completion in the spring.