SAN ANGELO, Texas — The Angelo State dance team, the Angelettes, are gearing up for the Homecoming game this weekend. The team says that they have been participating in Homecoming events all week long but are especially looking forward to tomorrow’s game because it is a game sure to bring excitement.

Veteran Angelette Kaylen Shetler says “We’re super pumped for Homecoming this year because it is an extra big deal this year… we have two undefeated teams coming together to play each other. So we’re really getting hyped for this game.”

The word hype has been used by multiple Angelettes as a way to express the feeling of getting ready to dance at the game.

The team has been preparing since before the semester. “We started preparing in August. A couple of the dances that we will be performing this week, we learned at our back-to-school camp in August. So we’ve been gearing up for this big week for a couple months now.” Shetler told us.

The team also performed at Homecoming activities throughout the week including a pep rally and parade.

Kickoff for A&M Kingsville at ASU is at 6 p.m. at LeGrand Stadium.