SAN ANGELO, Texas(ConchoValleyHomepage) — Although school is starting back to school soon, San Angelo students participated in a number of activities at the Tom Green County Library on Monday, Aug. 7.

On Monday, in the children’s library, students read Tail-Waggin’ Tutor Sable and learned how to make bookmarks.

“Judy’s program is fabulous not only for us to be able to see but for people to bring in their children to this program where you’ve got folks from the retirement community coming out to help share their knowledge of things that maybe some folks feel are falling to the wayside, especially little skills,” Amy Dennis said. “Like hand skills, like sewing, like what we are doing today.”

You can come in on a Monday when Judy is here and learn some of those things while you pick up your literacy skills. The Tail Waggin Tutors program will continue every Wednesday and Thursday at the library downtown.