SAN ANGELO, Texas — Ruben Contreras better known as Rubixcreates on Instagram is the anonymous creator of a recent group called Angelo Car Meets that has been making their appearance around the city of San Angelo.

Angelo Car Meets began as an idea sparked by Contreras’s desire to become more involved in car photography and he started with already established car groups and events around the city but decided it was not enough. He realized with every car meet he attended there was an inconsistent amount of build-up and audience per event for the car community, and from there he began looking into other car groups that went unnoticed and unappreciated from a lack of advertisement.

“Someone had to do something…I am trying to unite the community.” Contreras said, “You can go to one page and find the car events going on for the week, the month and any events in the future.”

In the last three weeks since Angelo Car Meets began, there have been several events, sponsorships, and Merchandise put into motion.

Not only is this a community for car lovers it is also a community for photographers. Contreras highly encourages local photographers to come out to every event and take photos in order to gain experience and exposure. Photographers can then send their top photos to Angelo Car Meets for a chance to be featured on their page for free with added credit.

Ruben Contreras said there has been some dispute with local businesses, such as Sam’s Club and Academy Sports for the unauthorized use of their parking lots. In Contreras’s words, “Academy has been making some comments, saying that they don’t really like us being there because we are really loud and disturbing and I even had someone directly message me saying the managers at Academy will impound our vehicles, they’ll kick us out.” In response to this Contreras said, “I would really appreciate it if they would directly reach out to me and maybe we can talk about getting the group contact information towards the landlord so we can have expressed permission to be there.”

Contreras followed up by saying, “We did not ask for permission and I really regret that because now I really want to go out there and apologize and see what I can do for them, that way we can get permission, and that way there are no bad ties between us. We do not want to be seen as a community that is negative and wants to destroy properties and just be reckless, we want to be seen as a respectable community that’s somewhere you can have a good time.” He went on to say that this community is for those of all ages and is welcoming families to come and look at the cars.

Other businesses like Home Zone are interested in the group and their possibilities and have expressed permission for the use of their parking lots. San Angelo business Elevated Detailing has decided to sponsor the group and has even assisted in giveaways for Angelo Car Meets merchandise and offered a free detailing to one member of the group.

Contreras currently runs Angelo Car Meets alone but plans to have a team one day to help organize events as the group grows.

In the future, Contreras’s ambitions are to begin with the community in San Angelo and then grow into surrounding cities and beyond. He has recently assisted in creating an all-female car group called the 325 Street Babes.

Contreras favors Chevrolet for their Camaros, and Corvettes, however, his top pick would be a Black ZL1 Camaro.

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