ABILENE, Texas – The Abilene Convention Center hosted the 51st Annual West Texas Rehab Telethon and Auction on January 24, 2021. Despite the trials of 2020, the community helped WTRC raise $1.459 million, beating their goal of $1.2 million. The annual event has managed to raise over one million dollars for the past 27 years. While there are other events benefitting WTRC, this is their most vital, and entertaining.

“We do lots of fundraisers throughout the year to benefit the patients at WTRC and this is our biggest one,” said Suzanne Click, Director of Marketing for WTRC. “So we’re super excited, and we have a great lineup. Neal McCoy and Runaway June are our entertainers this year. Then Boys in the Bunkhouse along with Rion Paige, and then of course the house band.”

After nearly 70 years helping those recovering and rehabilitating from injury or other challenges WTRC staff are proud that the success of the telethon and auction means they’ll be able to continue their work. “650 patients a day [and] over a third of them rely on this help,” said Steve Martin, President and CEO of WTRC. “I was talking to Neal tonight and some others, you know, we all get tied up in COVID and know what’s going on with us and COVID and woe is us the last year with COVID and his series and it’s an it’s an issue. But think about all these kids, you know, kids that are not suffering from COVID, they’re suffering from birth defects, they’re suffering from issues that they will carry with them the rest of their life.”

The stated mission of West Texas Rehabilitation Center is to improve the quality of life of those they serve regardless of financial circumstance. To learn about previous WTRC events, click here.