46-year-old library seeking donations to renovate, expand outreach

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SAN ANGELO, Texas — The Tom Green County Library serves as an essential hub not just for books, but for people needing technology and now the North Angelo Branch Library is working on getting renovations to improve and expand their reach.

“We are just launching our one-million-dollar capital campaign so we’re trying to raise funds to do the construction, “Jill Donegan the North Angelo Branch Library Director said.

The renovation campaign is titled “Overdue.” Overdue is a fitting name because since being built in 1975, the North Angelo Branch Library hasn’t seen any updates in its 46 years.

However, through that time the library has become a crucial part to people’s day to day lives.

“We have people that come in here to pay bills, to get online to take care of important business because they can’t do that at home,” Donegan said.

While library services are essential, those who work there want to be able to do more.

“Create a more dedicated area for technology, a versatile meeting room to function as a computer lab, to host book clubs, to host workshops.” Donegan said.

Chelsea Preas is a librarian at the North Angelo Branch Library and believes renovation would be a big help.

“Having an extra area over there where we can expand computers is essential to us as well as hopefully adding books.” Chelsea Preas the North Angelo Branch Library Librarian said.

The goal is to knock down a wall in the building to add more space, but that doesn’t come with a cheap price tag.

“One million is a conservative estimate. I have some existing donation funds that I’m able to put towards the effort,”

To keep the library around for future generations the North Angelo Branch Library needs donations from the people it serves.

“We’re just hoping they put their arms around us and embrace us as well.” Preas said.

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