19-year-old pleads guilty to two counts of Aggravated Kidnapping

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TOM GREEN COUNTY, Texas – On August 9, 2021, Luis Duron, 19, pleaded guilty to two counts of Aggravated Kidnapping with the intent to Terrorize and was sentenced to six years in prison.

According to court records, Duron received six years for each count but the terms will run concurrently, meaning at the same time.

Documents also detail the kidnapping. On October 12, 2019, Duron kidnapped a male juvenile and a female.

The female victim told police that she was lured by Duron and a second suspect to an apartment. Then, they blindfolded her, bound her hands with duct tape, took her to another location, put her in a chair and restrained her. The female victim told police she was threatened with her life repeatedly.

Then, Duron and the other suspect made her participate in a burglary. She was taken to the location still blindfolded then threatened with a deadly weapon and made to participate according to the records.

After the burglary, she was again blindfolded then taken back to an unknown location and restrained again. She was let go at a later time for the sole purpose of being blamed and charged with the burglary so Duron and the second suspect would not be.

The female victim also told police that while she was at the location, later identified as a house, she learned that the male juvenile was also being held against his will. He told her that he had been kidnapped because he had “disrespected” Duron. The female told police she could see marks and bruises on the juvenile victim.

According to documents, police found out from a family member that the juvenile had gone to a party. At the party, the juvenile got into a verbal altercation with Duron. That’s when Duron held the juvenile against his will and was assault him repeatedly over the course of about two days. Duron made the juvenile call his mother over Facebook messenger to “check-in” and make things appear as normal.

Police said that the juvenile had rope burns and marks, burn marks on a tattoo on his arm, and numerous other injuries.

Also during those two days, the juvenile victim was released from his restraints when other people came to the home and old to “act normal” or he would be killed.

After some time, the juvenile victim was able to locate a cell phone and called someone to pick him up. When the person arrived to pick him up, others at the home said the juvenile was not there. The victim was then able to run out of the home and get into the family member’s vehicle.

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