SAN ANGELO, Texas- Having curly or textured hair is a challenge especially if you don’t know how to take care of it, and finding someone who’s an expert to show you how to take care of it is hard to come by especially in rural areas. A hairstylist in San Angelo has made it her mission to share her knowledge of all things curly and textured hair.

“I decided I wanted to embrace my natural texture. I started getting into researching curly hair and different techniques for it. I fell in love with textured hair in general and found a passion through it, so going into cosmetology school it was in my complete interest to be a curly hair specialist,” said Krystn Torres.

All of her research and hard work paid off as the owner of the current salon she works at, AR Beauty Bar, told her about the Olaplex Pro Artist Awards.

“I remember exactly when she told me it, I was like I’m going to win this,” said Torres.

That she did after taking home the award in the curls and texture category!

“It was such an insane moment. To just see that all of my hard work had actually paid off and I was getting the recognition was amazing,” added Torres.

San Angelo now has its very own award-winning curly hair specialist, something that is rare in rural cities.

“We do have a lot of people here who have textured hair. I feel like as a hairstylist, there hasn’t been anybody in the industry who has been able to fill that need that there is here in San Angelo. I’m very happy and proud of myself to say I am somebody who can be a leader in that area,” said Torres.

Societal norms of how those around us should look Torres says affects those with textured hair because it isn’t in fact the norm.

“We’ve grown up in a society where we were told there was a certain look to beauty and you had to have your hair a certain way, you had to dress a certain way to fit the standard of beauty,” said Torres.

She says for those ready to take on embracing their curly hair journey, it’s one that will bring confidence in a new form.

“Textured hair is so candid naturally. It has such an organic state, it’s so natural and sometimes uncontrollable but just wearing it in that natural state, there is such a resilience that comes to that,” added Torres.

Torres will be hosting a class on October the 9th, for students and hairstylists to learn more about the wavy, curly, and coily hair types. She says she hopes to universalize textured hair care instead of it just being a specialty.