Local Farmers and Ranchers Feel the Affects from the Partial Government Shutdown


The Partial Government Shutdown began on Decemeber 22nd.
Concho Valley farmers and ranchers have been worrying about the effects that have come with it.

The San Angelo Office of the Farm Services Agency under the US Agriculture Department has been affected plenty.

On Tuesday, January 22nd, FSA Offices nationwide were recalled and now they will soon be able to provide services to farmers once again.

Since December, the Government Shutdown has affected returns costs on selling products.

The FSA offers farmers crop insurance, and services such as processing loans, tax documents and trade aid payments. 

To the relief of many, the government will be reopening until February 15th.
This is so all federal employees can receive forms of payment once again.

If an agreement hasn’t been reached by then, the government will be shut down once again.

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