SAN ANGELO, Texas (Concho Valley Homepage) — A San Angelo cookie company has taken a bite at local government amidst talk of crumbling city support for the police department packaged in a sweet treat commissioned by a concerned citizen.

Taishi Ligonis is the small business owner of Cookie Joy, a local bakery in San Angelo, Texas. Ligonis was approached by former SAPD officer, Tracey Piatt-Fox, to make a unique cookie highlighting a real issue in the community.

This sugarcoated statement featured a sweet sugar cookie painted with SAPD’s logo and the statement, “COSA don’t care, but we do.”

“The officers are going through a difficult time because of the imminent mass exodus and low morale,” said Fox, “I just wanted the officers to know that even though COSA Officials have shown, by action, that public safety and SAPD officers are not a priority in this city, the citizens of San Angelo value them and appreciate their sacrifice.”

Ligonis told CVHP she was not initially aware of the looming potential of a mass departure of local police officers until she received this unique design request and grew concerned.

She was concerned for the public’s safety, using the example of a potential mass shooting with a lack of officers.

“That of course gave me pause,” said Ligonis, “The average citizen, I think, isn’t aware of that. “

Ligonis also shared concerns regarding SAPD officers’ lower pay scale in comparison to cities of the same size with additional factors of increased cost of living and skyrocketing property taxes.

“It’s just shameful to me that the people that keep us safe, that have those difficult jobs, that make those sacrifices just aren’t compensated well,” said Ligonis, “I think that San Angelo as a city can do better and we should do better.”

Ligonis said the community should become more proactive in preventing what could potentially become a tragedy rather than reactive after the fact. Additionally, she said that employees who are well-compensated and supported translate into a harder-working workforce.

“It makes me angry that the city has the resources to pay these officers and are just choosing not to,” said Ligonis.

Fox is asking residents to participate in the November 7 City Council meeting at 8:30 a.m. to ask local officials what they’re planning to do about the potential police officer mass exodus. The meeting can also be viewed live on the city’s YouTube channel.