Lions Club of Ballinger Dedicates Addition to Pioneer Plaza to the City.


The city of Ballinger welcomed a new addition to its Pioneer Plaza today as the local Lions Club has offered a strip of land during a dedication ceremony today.

Pioneer Plaza is located across from the Runnels County Courthouse and the new addition was months in the making but the new dining area project serves as part of the Lions Club’s Legacy Project.

“Living in the present and building for the future,” says Mike Butler, former international director of the Lions Club. “That’s what a legacy is and that’s what y’all have done here when you built this.”

According to past council chairman, John Hancock, the Legacy Project commemorates the 100th year of the Lions Club’s existence and is the first to be completed in Texas.

Ebb Grindstaff, the past president of the club, says the Lions Clubs motto is “we serve. And that’s what we do.”

“And as you can tell, I love Ballinger,” he continued. “We’ve traveled all over the world because we think Ballinger is the best small city there is.”

Besides this one, the club has also been involved with a number of projects including one involving diabetes research. However, Grindstaff was proud to offer the city of Ballinger this new addition and also says, along with Ballinger Mayor Sam Mallory, that its completion is also instrumental in the future revitalization of the Pioneer Plaza that it’s connected to.

“We’ve had many people come up to us wanting to do something with this property and nobody ever had a solution or a plan,” Mallory says. “I didn’t even know he [Grindstaff] owned it or his family had it until probably last year.”

The project, as stated before, is located next to Pioneer Plaza and is on the corner of highways 67 and 83. Mayor Mallory says he hopes this strip of land has a positive impact on the city in providing a new dining area and adding to a picturesque sight to the city.

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