Life coach gives advice on how to stay on track to achieve your New Year’s goals


SAN ANGELO, Texas – The new year often brings a new chance to set goals. Whether those goals are personal or business-related, many often feel overwhelmed quickly after the new year begins.

“They start off the year all on fire and they know where they’re going all excited, and make these detailed plans of how they’re going to get there and they make it maybe until February 1st,” Life and Career Coach Vicki Terrill said.

If this sounds like you, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many are in the same boat. Terrill has seen it many times.

“Life hits and all the things they thought they had under control and they had planned to the minute, it just comes at us, that it just goes out the window and they think I haven’t done it this far I might as well just stop because I’m not going to achieve it anyway,” Terrill said.

Terrill lives in San Angelo and was a teacher for many years before becoming a coach in 2016. Now, she offers help and advice to those who struggle staying on track. One common problem she sees is we try to do too much.

“We pride ourselves in being multitaskers and what that does is takes away our focus of what really is important and we do this shotgun effect trying to do all of these things and  we’re not good at any of them really because we only do part of the way,” Terrill said.

One solution she offers is focusing on one goal. One thing you want to achieve more than anything else. Then double down on that goal. After you achieve it you can move on to the next one.

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