(KLST/KSAN)– Sandra Sabine has lived on her ranch with her husband, Joe Sabine, for the last five years.

“It was really good for him,” Sabine said. “He was an old Vietnam vet. He did two tours in Vietnam, so this was a good place for him. It was quiet. There weren’t any people and it made him happy.”

Sabine said her husband, Joe, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in April of last year.

“He just got real sick; he was in a lot of pain,” Sabine said. “Finally, he said we’ve got to go to the hospital, so we went up to Shannon, we were there for three weeks. Then EDMS, thank you very much, brought him home and Concho Heart Hospice folks came out and set him up and took care of him for several days. That’s about as long as he lasted here at home and then he went home. He went to be with his Lord and Savior.”

Sabine said those last few months, she stayed by his side.

“I could not do anything but take care of him for the last three months,” Sabine said. “I mean, he couldn’t hardly do anything for the last 5 and so everything just kind of got away from me while I was taking care of him after he got so sick.”

It did not take long for her neighbors to hear what she was going through. That is where the league cadets of the SOC Stephen M. Mills Battalion stepped in to help.

“My neighbor down the road, Abby Bounds, works with the Seabee’s and so she rounded them up and brought them out here to do some work,” Sabine said.

Brayden Clark, Leading Petty Officer of the battalion said there was a lot of work to do.

“We moved all over here, all of these bricks and the sticks and the trash,” Clark. “We’ve cleared this area off right now and now we are moving over to the back side, closer towards her hold in the ground where we are going to move all of the trash.”

Clark said helping Mrs. Sabine felt like the right thing to do.

“I believe there are morals to be found with giving back to people,” Clark said.

The league cadets worked until the ranch was cleared up and even built a larger fence for Mrs. Sabine’s dogs.

“It’s just wonderful and I just appreciate it more than they’ll ever know,” Sabine said.

“It was our honor to help,” Clark said.