Lake Nasworthy hosts hundreds for Independence Day celebrations


San Angelo, Texas — A huge Fourth of July celebration took place at Lake Nasworthy in San Angelo earlier Sunday. Hundreds of people with their friends and family took to the lake to enjoy the water before the firework show at 9 p.m. Sunday. This holiday meaning more for those who served and everyone able to enjoy after a year of COVID-19 restrictions.

“Happy fourth everyone! Enjoy your time, have a lot of fun, as much fun as you can,” Brandon Jackson and Ethan Rowe said while celebrating at Lake Nasworthy.

The crowd at the lake took Brandon Jackson’s and Ethan Rowe’s advice and did exactly that, had nothing but fun.

“We’re grilling, we barbecue, and we just hang out, enjoy family a lot of the kids are in the water, having fun,” Sarah Lewis a Navy veteran said.

Fun was on the mind at everyone out at Lake Nasworthy. Some saying it’s like making up for lost time.

“Everyone is just trying to get out there trying to have fun. Kind of put the pandemic Behind them and just have a good time,” Kellen Hamilton said.  

The celebrations have an extra meaning this go around for people who say the Fourth of July feels like the first major holiday where pandemic restrictions are lifted.

“We were smothered with these COVID-19 restrictions, have had to keep going out and wear masks or whatever its such a relief,” Ethan Rowe said.

Relief being felt by most who were out on the lake.

“Everybody from last year has just kind of been on edge, and so to be able to get out and enjoy time with our friends and like the people that we call family has been I mean it feels amazing,” April Simmons said.

For service members celebrating Independence Day its special to feel the support from their community.

“No matter who you talk to you, everybody’s here for the same reason, everybody’s here to have a good time and of course, if you say ‘Oh yeah military, I’m stationed here!’ Everybody’s like, oh my God, tell me more, you know, tell us about it,” Brandon Jackson said.

For Navy Veteran Sarah Lewis, these celebrations remind her of the times she couldn’t be home for the holiday.

“I remember spending Fourth of July on the USS Abraham Lincoln and they shot some artillery off and everything, so I mean it was great, but it’s great to be home too,” Sarah Lewis a Navy veteran said.  

Each of the lake goers have their own favorite pare of the day, for some it’s the fireworks

“Super excited for the fireworks yes, we’re excited to say that I haven’t seen fireworks personally for like two or three years. So, it’s really exciting.” Simmons said.  

For others it’s the people they meet while celebrating.

“I guess that’s the best part about it, watching everyone else have, us having fun. It’s a great time,” A Lake Nasworthy goer said.

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